OGE Business School

OGE Business School is an educational but Limited Liability Company incorporated under Nigeria Laws with registration Number RC 1414282 as a subsidiary of OGE Professional Services Ltd with the responsibility of organizing both educational and professional training programmes of OGE Group of Companies. OGE Business School serves as the liaising centre for all affiliated educational and professional institutions.

OGE Business School Training Services

Our Professional and Educational Services are as listed but not limited to:

  • Taxation and Fiscal Policy Course
  • Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation Course
  • ANAN Executive Professional Examination Lectures
  • CITN Executive Professional Examination Lectures
  • CIBN Executive Professional Examination Lectures
  • CIS Executive Professional Examination Lectures
  • Value for Money Audit Course
  • Effective Internal Auditing Course
  • Standard audit and investigation process Course
  • Strategic tax audit and investigation Course
  • Auditing for Control Course
  • Auditing Governance and Strategies Course
  • Cyber Forensics Course
  • Investigative Report Writing Course
  • Financial Modeling and Forecasting
  • Techniques Using Excel Course
  • Financial Analysis and Corporate
  • Financial Health Course
  • Reconstruction of Accounting records Course
  • Accounting & Finance for non-
  • Finance Executive Course
  • Budgeting process and implementation Course
  • Fraud and Forensic Audit Course
  • Fraud and Forensic Investigation Course
  • Fraud Risk Management Course
  • Internal Control and Audit Course
  • Payroll Preparation Course

  • OGE Business School Publishing

    In order to fulfil the mandate of OGE Business School, with respect to the provision and establishment of platforms for intellectual intercourse and cross-fertilization of ideas in all areas of human endeavour and to encourage international addition of knowledge especially tertiary education curricula and entrepreneurship education, OGE Business School Publishing was created as a division of OGE Business School to help in publishing relevant books, articles and newsletters for both OGE Group and interested members of the public.

    OGE Publishing Services

  • Researching
  • Manuscript editing
  • Indexing
  • Publishing
  • Printing (contact)

  • Various Training Available at OGE Business School

    Audit Service Courses

    i. Advanced Auditing Techniques for Internal Auditors
    ii. Internal Control Audit
    iii. Advanced Internal Audit Report Writing
    iv. Auditing Techniques for Lead Auditors
    v. Forensic Audit Investigation Processes and Techniques
    vi. Tax Crime Investigation Processes and Techniques
    vii. Advanced Auditing Techniques for Internal Auditors
    viii. Auditing Governance and Corporate Strategies
    ix. Internal Fraud Control Prevention, Detection and Deterrence for Auditors
    x. Fundamentals of Internal Auditing
    xi. Approaches to Financial Auditing
    xii. Report Writing for Internal Auditors
    xiii. Fraud Risk Management Techniques for Internal Auditors
    xiv. Audit Planning and Monitoring
    xv. Data Analytics, Continuous Auditing and Audit Automation
    xvi. Fraud Risk and the Internal Auditor
    xvii. Internal Audit, Investigation, Procedure and Processes
    xviii. Effective Internal Auditing Strategies and Fraud Risk Mitigation
    xix. Essentials of Internal Auditing
    xx. Auditing Organizational Processes and Procedure for Results
    xxi. Financial Auditing For Internal Auditors

    Treasury and Business Management Strategies Courses

    i. Advanced Treasury and Cash Management Strategies
    ii. Certificate in Corporate Treasury Management
    iii. Certificate in Business Management

    Strategic Planning Management Courses

    i. Corporate Financial Planning
    ii. Strategic Planning Basis
    iii. Logistics, Transportation and Administration
    iv. Strategic Procurement Skills for Competitive Advantages
    v. Strategic Emotional Intelligence
    vi. Effective Purchasing, tendering and Supplier Management

    Accounting Service Courses

    i. Accounts Reconciliation
    ii. Accounts Reconciliation: Best Practices
    iii. Banking Practice for Bank Customers
    iv. Payroll Management
    v. Accounting for Non-Accounting Executives

    Management and Leadership Courses

    i. Priority management: Optimizing Time workflow and Productivity
    ii. Effective Business Risk Management Strategies for Corporate Organization
    iii. Managing and Administering Supervisory Function
    iv. Managing Fraud and Corruption
    v. Time Management, Planning, Organizing and Goal Setting

    Human Resource and Administration Courses

    i. Administration and office Management
    ii. Workflow, Process and Productivity Optimization
    iii. Compensation, Benefit Administration and Reward Management
    iv. Public Relations and Corporate Communications
    v. Competency Based Performance Management

    Comparative Management Courses

    i. Management Skills in the Public and Private Sectors of Three Economy
    ii. Constraints of Organizational Setting on the Management of Group Activities
    iii. Use of Management Consultants and Experts in Streamlining the Operations of Public Corporations
    iv. Constraints Imposed on Managerial Discretion in Public Corporations
    v. Globalization of Economic Activities
    vi. Effect of ICT in the Management of Organizations Under Different Cultural Settings
    vii. Comparative Management of Corporate Bodies and Non-Profit Organizations

    Fraud Prevention, Detection and Investigation Courses

    i. Fraud Management and Prevention for Managers
    ii. Fraud Examination and Report Writing
    iii. Fraud Risk Measurement and Report Writing
    iv. Fraud Prevention, Detection and Investigation

    Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation Courses

    i. Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation
    ii. Evidence Collection and Analysis
    iii. Forensic Accounting and Auditing
    iv. Financial Statement Fraud Investigation
    v. Contract and Procurement Fraud Investigation
    vi. Forensic Reporting and Analysis
    vii. Fraud and Forensic Auditing

    Budgeting and Budgetary Courses

    i. Budget Preparation, Allocation and Cost Control
    ii. Strategic Planning, Effective Budgeting and Cost Control
    iii. Budgeting and Cost Control
    iv. Effective Budgeting and Budgetary Control
    v. Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning

    Project Management Courses

    i. Strategic Project Management
    ii. Advanced Project Management and Implementation
    iii. Effective and Compelling Reports and Proposal Writing
    iv. Advanced Leadership, Good Governance and Emotional Intelligence
    v. Advanced Contract Management and Administration: Policies and Procedures
    vi. Advanced Analysis, Modelling and Forecasting
    vii. Advanced Incident, Accident Investigation and Report Writing
    viii. Conducting Effective Performance Appraisals

    Warehouse Management Courses

    i. Warehouse Management
    ii. Inventory Control and Warehouse Management

    Taxation Courses

    i. Tax Planning and Corporate Compliance
    ii. Payroll Admin/Accounting and Personal Income Tax
    iii. Tax Management for Organizations
    iv. Tax Planning, Compliance and Incentives
    v. Accounting and Taxation in Oil and Gas Sector
    vi. Corporate Tax Accounting/IFRS
    vii. VAT and Withholding Tax Accounting
    viii. Tax Administration and Reduction Techniques
    ix. Salaries and Wages, Pension Funds and Personal Income Tax Administration
    x. Tax Implications of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
    xi. Taxes on Land, Property and Construction
    xii. Managing the Tax function for result: People, Process and Technology

    Entrepreneurship and Business Courses

    i. Investment Appraisal and Risk Analysis
    ii. Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship
    iii. Business Management and Entrepreneurship
    iv. Business Continuity and cost Control Strategies

    Courses on Financial Institutions Services

    i. Financial system, Money Market and Capital Market
    ii. Organization and Functions of Commercial Banks
    iii. Operating Bank Account
    iv. Comparative Banking System
    v. International Financial Institutions