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OGE Business School

OGE Business School is an educational but Limited Liability Company incorporated under Nigeria Laws with registration Number RC 1414282 as a subsidiary of OGE Professional Services Ltd with the responsibility of organizing both educational and professional training programmes of OGE Group of Companies. OGE Business School serves as the liaising centre for all affiliated educational and professional institutions.

OGE Business School Training Services

Our Professional and Educational Services are as listed but not limited to:

  1. Taxation and Fiscal Policy Course
  2. Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation Course
  3. ANAN Executive Professional Examination Lectures
  4. CITN Executive Professional Examination Lectures
  5. CIBN Executive Professional Examination Lectures
  6. CIS Executive Professional Examination Lectures
  7. Value for Money Audit Course
  8. Effective Internal Auditing Course
  9. Standard audit and investigation process Course
  10. Strategic tax audit and investigation Course
  11. Auditing for Control Course
  12. Auditing Governance and Strategies Course
  13. Cyber Forensics Course
  14. Investigative Report Writing Course
  15. Financial Modeling and Forecasting Techniques Using Excel Course
  16. Financial Analysis and Corporate Financial Health Course
  17. Reconstruction of Accounting records Course
  18. Accounting & Finance for non-Finance Executive Course
  19. Budgeting process and implementation Course
  20. Fraud and Forensic Audit Course
  21. Fraud and Forensic Investigation Course
  22. Fraud Risk Management Course
  23. Internal Control and Audit Course
  24. Payroll Preparation Course

OGE Business School Publishing

In order to fulfill the mandate of OGE Business School, with respect to the provision and establishment of platforms for intellectual intercourse and cross-fertilization of ideas in all areas of human endeavour and to encourage international addition of knowledge especially tertiary education curricula and entrepreneurship education, OGE Business School Publishing was created as a division of OGE Business School to help in publishing relevant books, articles and newsletters for both OGE Group and interested members of the public.

OGE Publishing Services

  1. Researching
  2. Manuscript editing
  3. Indexing
  4. Publishing
  5. Printing (contact)

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